• Decontamination Trailer
  • Cabin in 3 Spaces



Trailer for exclusive use for Decontamination of personnel who require this process after completing their tasks and ensure proper decontamination safely.

The trailer has 3 spaces with access and circuit defined according to Decontamination protocols.

The first room, equipped with a changing room with support for the elimination of contaminated material. From this, you access the second room. equipped with a shower system, which communicates with the third room, as a changing room and a clean area.

From this, you can access the outside, being able to have carried out the decontamination circuit efficiently.



Length: 4.00m Width: 2.20m Ceiling height: 2.00m Weight: 1600Kg (1 axis) & nbsp;

Water Management: Gas bath heater + 150-liter accumulator. Automatic wastewater filtration (5 and 25 micron filters). Air management: The air extractor + dirty SAS lock + 10 min timers Vacuum cleaner with hose passage in Dirty Compartment . Electricity: Waterproof electrical panel500 W convector for frost protection. Characteristics:
    • Hot galvanized frame.

OPTIMA VB2 drawbar with brake with 68 x 42 ring accessory.

  • Structure in primed and painted metal.
  • Walls and ceiling in smooth sandwich panels, interior and exterior white pre-lacquered sheet metal, 30 mm thick polyurethane foam r.
  • OSB3 floor. Gerflex type vinyl floor covering.



  • Waterproof LED lighting.
  • 3 hooks.
  • Mirror.
  • 3 storage starter.
  • 1 door with porthole.
  • Folding access handle with lock + step. Second Room: SHOWER COMPARTMENT </ li >
  • Waterproof LED lighting.
  • Shower tray 800×1000.
  • Mixing valve.
  • Hanger.
  • 2 solid insulated doors. Third Room: CLEAN COMPARTMENT
  • Waterproof LED lighting
  • Corner washbasin </ li >
  • Napkin holder
  • Soap dish
  • Mirror
  • 6 hooks + 3 220V sockets
  • 2 polyethylene stools
  • < li> 4 half cabinets
  • door + window
  • Folding and locking access handle
  • 1800W fan heater
  • Door with window + step
  • Spare wheel
  • Location on a flat surface, with accessibility for vehicles.

  • Stable electricity supply service.


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