TOI® Hands

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TOI® Hands

Portable autonomous washbasin with two service points for use in outdoor events where the presence of washing and personal hygiene points is required.

Its high storage capacity, both for clean water and gray water, and its operation by means of a foot pump, make it an agile and hygienic option.

Dimensions: (1 unit) 128cm x 55cm x 121cm

Weight: (empty) ± 36Kg.

Tank capacity:

Clean water 227 liters

Dirty water 227 liters

& nbsp;

Manufacturing material:

All the materials used for the manufacture of the duo washbasin are harmless, non-harmful materials for the management and storage of drinking water inside.


Opening at the top for filling with clean water. Two connections in the lower part of the sink tank, one for the supply of clean water and the other to connect to the sewage network or gray water collection tank.

Foot pump:

Powered by foot pump.

The foot pump capacity for each clean water pumping drive is 59.17 ml.


Dispensers of liquid soap.

Dispenser of wipes paper.



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