TOI® Handy

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TOI® Handy

Multiple, portable, foldable, stackable and lightweight sink. Its structure allows easy assembly in less than a minute. Ideal for meeting outdoor hygiene needs, such as emergencies or public events.

It is storable in sets of 10 units for transport and in sets of up to 16 units for storage. Its design provides very good logistical and versatile qualities.

Dimensions Folded: 198 x 90 x 20 cm *

Dimensions Unfolded: 198 x 90 x 116 cm

* (height of each unit stacked from the first 10 cm).

Weight: ± 36kg.

& nbsp;

Manufacturing materials: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with UV protection.

Supply connection: Water inlet female hose 1 ”thread

evacuation: Two evacuation exits (Ø 50 mm).

Transport: Presentation of the sinks in groups of six on pallets for one better transportation and storage.

Accessories included: 8 service points with timed actuator.

Optional accessories

Kits of pumps, flexible tanks, pipes and water supply and drainage systems


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