TOI® Heater

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The TOI® HEATER water management system stands out for its simplicity of operation and thanks to its compact design it allows maximum agility to enable it in any sanitary installation of showers or components that require hot water service.

Its casing is made of recyclable material, very resistant and light.

TOI® HEATER performs the heating of the water and its conduction to the shower cabin.

The water management system has a filter and drain that ensures the elimination of waste in the water in its process.

Hot water at the push of a button!

Heater Module

Water management 90L.

Filter set

Water hoses

Power cable / connector.

Available in 110V

Pump kits

Flexible tanks


Water supply and drainage systems

Water Management System:

Electric storage of customer water to feed the shower water. The tank can be filled automatically by a connected water hose. The water is heated to shower temperature (up to 40 °) by an electric heating system. The shower water is pumped to the shower head through an internal pump and the waste water is filtered with 2 filters.


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