TOI® Pipi x8

  • Multiple Urinal 8 pax
  • Autonomous


TOI® Pipi x8

Multiple, portable, foldable, stackable and compact urinal.
Its structure allows easy deployment in less than a minute.
Ideal for personal hygiene needs in camps, events or emergency situations.
It is stackable in 2 units for transport and up to 4 units for storage.
Its design facilitates great logistical versatility.


Measurements: Folded: 117cm x 117cm x 115cm Unfolded: 117cm x 117cm x 185cm Weight: ± 110 Kg Tank capacity: 700l

Options: Possibility of direct connection to pipeline.

Transport: Stackable in groups of 2 units for transport by pallet, forklift or crane.

Connection: Outlet connection by means of a tilting plug at the top of the ø60mm base for draining by suction plug. Two evacuation points in the lower part of the urinal to connect several urinals or directly to the drain.

Manufacturing Material: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with UV protection & nbsp;


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