TOI® Pipi

  • Multiple Urinal
  • Autonomous


TOI® Pipi

Autonomous multiple urinal, a perfect solution to provide service points to outdoor events with large concentrations.

It is a urinal of reduced dimensions that offers four service points and that provides hygiene and practicality to attendees and logistical agility to organizers.

Measurements: 114cm x 114cm x 214cm Weight: ± 99 Kg Autonomy of use: from 1,500 to 2,000 uses

Options: Possibility of direct connection to pipeline.

Transport: Base adapted for transport with pallet truck or forklift. Outer ring for lifting and transport with crane.

Connection: For connection to the network / sewer, remove the plug, thread M 1 ”

& nbsp;

  • Possibility of anchoring to the ground.
  • Firm and non-slip floor.
  • Visual protection walls .


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