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The trailer-assisted health system is the most agile to enable.

Its modern interior design and its equipment with Vacuum technology make the Premium models stand out from other conventional trailers.

Its design is neutral, the sanitary trailer has aluminum finishes, white formics, mirrors and glass, which offer the user a maximum sense of hygiene.

The interior environment can be enhanced with the versatility of its ambient lighting equipment, which can be combined at the customer’s desire.

Length: 6.06m / 7m including lance. Width: 2.44m Total height: 2.80m Approximate weight: 3,500Kg & nbsp;

Characteristics Connections.

Electrical connection: Three-phase CEE 32A 380-400V or 2 single-phase 16A lines.

Water and drain connection

in case of connection to network: 3/4 ”male inlet / 110mmØ male outlet

(All connections on the right side of the module. Water connection on the front right)

  • 4 WC cabins with toilet
  • 3 Sink with wall mirror
  • 3 Urinals
  • 3 Electric hand dryers
  • Soap dishes
  • Possibility of contracting services and accessories to equip the trailer with the specific equipment according to your needs.


The service may be affected in its operation due to the following causes:

· Power supply fluctuations.

· Vacuum pump damage caused by objects improperly disposed of such as glass, plastics, clothing, feminine hygiene products.

· Vandalism actions in the installation.

· Interventions on our equipment by unauthorized personnel.

· Flow of users exceeding its capacity (300 pax).

· Extra supply of pipes, wiring or hoses, not foreseen for the installation, will be in charge of the client.


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