• 6 Shower Trailer
  • Shower with dressing room



The trailer-assisted health system is the most agile to enable. The TOI® SHOWER trailer is exclusive to provide a comfortable shower service with dressing room space and private lockers, separated into 2 areas.

Its interior design is warm, made of wood, covered with anti-slip platforms that prevent waterlogging throughout the trailer. Versatile to offer this service in multiple events.

Length: 6.15m / 7.61m including lance. Width: 2.20m Height: 3.30m clearance height. Approximate weight: 3,500Kg

Connections characteristics.

Electrical connection: 2 220V sockets

Water intake connection: Ø20mm – 1/2 ”

Drain connection:  Ø32mm

Accumulator capacity: 200l

6 Shower cabins with dressing room.

6 Private lockers store clothes.

4 Sink with wall mirror.

  • Possibility of contracting services and accessories to equip the trailer with the specific equipment according to your needs.

Location on a compacted and smooth surface, with accessibility for cargo trucks.

Permanent service of water and electricity, up to 24 hours after the end of the service.

Water supply, drainage and treatment solutions if necessary.


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