TOI® Shower

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TOI® Shower

The TOI SHOWER booth offers a solution for fully equipped work environments or public spaces.

It allows to offer a new shower point for public or private use with the facilities and benefits of a common shower with the possibility of a built-in heater.

Manufacturing material: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with UV protection.

Dimensions: 121 x 115 x 235cm

Weight Standard version: ± 105.5kg

Luxe version:  ± 133kg.

Closing system: Exterior by means of a special stainless steel lock. Interior with manual lever. Door with spring mechanism.

Interior lighting: Translucent roof and side for the entry of exterior light.

Ventilation: Upper ventilation grilles.

Transport: Skate system for transport with pallet truck or forklift. External rings for lifting and transport with crane.


Mirror and 2 hangers.

30 liter tank .

Thermostatic temperature regulator.

Timer button for water.

Curtain for model Standard.

Requirements to incorporate a heater:


220V single-phase current and ground connection.

1,200 W power supply.

Fuse and built-in circuit.


Minimum pressure available from 1 to 3 bar

Connection 1/2 ” threaded female inlet

3/4 ” female threaded outlet connection


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