TOI TOI®, specializes in the design and implementation of temporary water supply and distribution infrastructures for events that need to enable a supply network.

Safe drinking water is a must. Always. The discharge of sewage is also important. For this we have an extensive range of products with which we guarantee bacteriologically safe drinking water.

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We have the most advanced equipment to serve the storage, distribution and supply systems of running or drinking water . At the same time we take care of the residual treatment, storage and transferring the wastewater to a treatment plant for its subsequent treatment.

We plan the logistics of temporary service of water, drinking water, gray and black water, and we provide the different treatment systems of disinfection, UV filtration, descaling, activated carbon filter, refrigeration and required sample controls of potability and specific analysis in the laboratory.

Thus, we enable the efficient and safe distribution of water in events, to supply it in authorized areas such as sanitary or hospitality. We have specific products for the hospitality industry, sanitary areas with showers, equipment to supply drinking water and store it.

Water Pumps

Pumps or booster pumps are used in various applications to ensure that there is always enough water pressure and flow. We have a wide range of booster pumps with capacities ranging from 3 m 3 to 50 m 3 per hour. These booster pumps can be connected so that we can offer customized solutions for higher capacities.

Drinking Water Pipes

All of our drinking water pipes can be recognized by the blue color code so that separate drinking water and wastewater systems are protected. Specially insulated PE pipes allow temporary water infrastructures to operate smoothly even in extremely hot or cold areas. In this way, safe drinking water is guaranteed anywhere and at any time.

Sewage Pipes

All of our plumbing has been coded brown / black and as such is recognizable so that separate drinking water and wastewater systems are even better protected. Specially insulated PE pipes allow temporary water infrastructures to operate smoothly even in extremely hot or cold areas. In this way, the correct drainage of wastewater is always guaranteed, anywhere and at any time.

Drinking Water Tanks

Even where there are no water facilities, we can store clean drinking water in specially designed water storage systems. Flexible tanks or cisterns can be positioned and used depending on the drinking water application and requirements.

Drinking Water Treatment

Before water can be used as drinking water, it must be optimally purified. To do this, we apply various methods of water treatment. We first measure and analyze the water quality on site so that we can adjust the equipment and filtration to the situation and use the desired application, and we know exactly what filtration is necessary and appropriate.

All our facilities and products are specially equipped and certified for use with drinking water.

Our services

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Do you have any questions about our services or our products? Talk to us, we will be happy to advise you on all issues related to:

  • Demand planning
  • Delivery and collection
  • Custom solutions
  • Regulatory approvals
  • Quantity, type and equipment according to the Workplaces Directive or the Meeting Places Ordinance


We deliver our products to the desired location with our own service vehicles. You do not need to be present at the time of delivery, but you must ensure that the installation location is properly marked.

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If you no longer need our product, we will pick it up again as part of our tour planning. You do not have to be present yourself. If the collection is delayed for logistical reasons and the product remains longer than agreed with you, you will not incur any additional costs.


We offer you the service you need on site. The tank refill is included in the rental price. Individually agreed intervals are also possible on request. Our trained specialists work according to clearly defined guidelines; Regular internal controls guarantee high and constant quality standards.

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